Produtos Apícolas

Bom Mel

The company APIARIOS ADAMS WITH ITS LINE BOM MEL - is dedicated to the distribution of honey, crude propolis, propolis extract and other bee products. All your products are properly registered, inspected and presenting the highest quality standard.

The company also acts as a honey and beeswax warehouse and is fully inserted in the standards determined by the Federal Inspection Service (SIF) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Government of Brazil.
The production capacity reaches 80 tons per week and 70% of the sales are destined to the domestic market. Sales abroad are aimed at the US and Japanese markets and now the company introduces its product range beginning to export to the highly demanding Chinese market.

APIARIOS ADAMS seeks the complete satisfaction of its clients, making continuous investments in programs of quality, information technology, research, development, infrastructure expansion and technological modernization, which allows to project the confidence in the strengthening of the existing markets and in the development of new Business.

Quality Control & Certifications

BOM MEL is proud to run a fully equipped quality control laboratory with state of the art equipment and experienced staff. We analyze honey when it arrives at our plant, during processing, and before final delivery. Our Quality Control team also works with worldwide known third party business partners. They collaborate with us in our commitment to detect and avoid alterations or possible contamination within our supply chain.

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