The Apiario Adams company is located in Taquara, Brazil. A strategic location for beekeeping, away from pollution sources, between the coast and the mountain range, a region with its own microclimate and diverse flowering originated from the Atlantic Forest, the slope of the mountain, the top fields of the hills and the eucalyptus.

The Apiarios Adams Group started its activities in 1984 and it is formed by experts in the sector who have great experience in the area. With strong potential for beekeeping, the company invested in production, processing and qualification of its honey, propolis, propolis extract and bee products, which are duly registered, inspected and with high quality.

ORGANIC HONEY is the nectar of flowers transformed by the bees, making it the most healthy and natural sweetener, believed by many to increase male power and female fertility, as well as important energy and nutrient source because it’s rich in glucides, minerals (K, P, Ca, Na, Mn) and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C). In Adams Apiaries it can be found in three sizes: 240g, 500g or 1kg.

PROPOLIS is a powerful antimicrobial and natural antibiotic, helps strengthen body's immune system and prevent decease caused by viruses & bacteria. Propolis of Rio Grande do Sul is globally recognized and valued for its derived features of “Mata Nativa” and “Campos de Cima da Serra”. It consists of a dark and strong resin of strong and pleasant balsamic taste. It can be found in Adams Apiaries in four sizes: 30ml, 100ml, 500ml or 1000ml.